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longest war. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this monday morning july 30th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is there. you are thinking kind of warm in some spots. >> yeah. proximity to the coast. if you are by the coast it won't be that bad. 60s and 70s around the bay. but inland those will be the warmest temps with low to mid 90s. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. this is a look at 80 westbound. not a bad drive at all. although you can tell it's getting a lot more crowded as you drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza. also at the toll plaza it's light so far getting more crowded. 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> pop already new ride at six flags discovery kingdom in vallejo is closed until further notice. alex savidge tells us this ride was shut down after riders were stuck at the top of the roller coaster for more than 90 minutes. alex. >> yes later on today park mechanics will be taking a closer look at that ride trying to figure out exactly what went wrong yesterday. but w
for the second hour of the morning news. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this friday the 13th of july i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is right there. i can feel a difference already. >> a bout of that west wind. yes, sir. well for many some people like the heat i understand but for most of the e-mails and tweets i get steve, where is that sea breeze? it kicked in yesterday. today temperatures coming down inland about 10-15 degrees. here is sal. >> traffic is moving along pretty well on highway 4 although it is a little busy through antioch and concord and bay point it's not all that bay. getting a look at the live picture of the bay bridge. some slowing of the cash lanes but otherwise we are doing well. let's go back to the desk. >>> topping our news right now overnight news the search is on for the person that opened fire overnight outside of an east bay walmart. christien kafton is at the pittsburg walmart with all the activity that happened in the store parking lot. christien. >> reporter: the sun is coming up now. we are getting
. >>> the man accused of the colorado shooting may have used colorado to set up his plan. >>> thunder and lightning off to the east, what about the week ahead, cooler or warmer? >>> good morning, thank you for joining us on this monday july 23rd i am pam cook. >> and steve has a forecast just for you since you are back from vacation. >> it has to be better here than it was there. >> well most lows are pushing off towards stockton, 60s to 90s and there is a rip roaring low coming up and we will take a look at that and coming up. >> the coliseum no major problems and also if you are looking at the san mateo that traffic is moving nicely although they are moving nicely. >>> new details, jeanine we just learned there is more than one victim, right? >> reporter: yes. let me show you what is going on. police have this area cordoned off to at least julian where mid-block where the shooting took place shots were fired and police are searching around the area talking to any witnesses to find out what happened inside this home. we are joined now from the san jose police department,
about the alleged domestic violence abuse incident. allie rasmus tells us why eliana lopez was smiling as she entered the hearing room. >>> she may have been smiling because it was the first time she had seen her husband suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi and a protective order kept the couple apart and since march she has been with her young son in venezuela. but in the room she made icon tact and they both smiled and she was polite and charming when a deputy city attorney started questioning her. >> reporter: at issue is whether sheriff ross mirkarimi can keep his job as sheriff. he pled guilty to a false imprisonment charge stemming from a bruise on his wife's arm. he testified -- she testified despite the disagreements, neither of them considered divorce. >> you have in the past considered divorcing your husband? >> you have never considered divorcing your husband? >> no, really serious but we had been talking about it but we never make any decisions. >> now later in the hearing eliana lopez said she did go to her neighbor for legal advice. >> reporter: she wanted to know who would g
of the best things to do is get on the freeway after hague berger and that will be a good call not to use 880 south out of downtown oakland. let's go to the desk. >>> just hours ago, firefighters put out a fire at a popular restaurant. allie rasmus joins us from the scene and to tell us what happened, allie? >> reporter: well, investigators are not sure how this fire started but they know how it started in the back of the building and you can see a lot of the damage here, the side of the back of the building, the paint is partially burned off and the fire started where you see the satellite dish over there. we spoke to the owners here who say they are lucky because none of their equipment inside the damage was burned and that structure kept the flames from spreading inside their store. >> i am pretty surprised, the difference between this fire started rather than one cooking, i am not used to being woken up at 3:00 a.m. and i am actually happy. >> the fire started around 3:00 a.m. and firefighters had it under control fairly quickly. the system alerted the owners and they want to make sure t
. earlier the bomb squad was at the suspects home. they used a cherry picker to peer through the window. there were some items of interest found in this man's apartment but no explosives. again you are looking at a live picture of the movie theater where this happened. police arrested holmes in the movie theater parking lot. earlier they were checking his car for explosives. they didn't find any there. police revised some of the numbers. 12 people were killed not 14. dozens more were hurt. reports are between 40-50 people injured. the youngest person injure asked a three-month-old baby that was shot. this happened during a midnight showing of the new batman movie. witnesses say the gunman kicked in the emergency exit door to the theater. he wore a gas masked. he detonated what appeared to be tear gas and opened fire on the crowd. >> the gunshots were constant. i head 20-30 rounds within that minute or two. but we're just on the floor with a couple coworkers and we're just on the floor. and just praying to god we don't get shot. >> reporter: now cell phone video showed a chaotic scene as
a lovely 4th of july forecast for us. >> thank you. we do have some fog from san francisco south. now yes it got chew up by a north wind. today it looks like it might hang in there for awhile but we should be okay tonight. 80s to near 90 degrees. >>> good morning, northbound 280 traffic looks good if you are driving through san jose looking at the chp list we don't have anything unusual. such a light day. we always watch for crashes. we've had earlier crash northbound 101 near candle stick but that's on the shoulder not causing any major delays. let's go back to mike and claudine. >>> happening right now police are looking for four children that are missing from their north oakland home. ktvu alex savidge is joining us live from oakland chinos hospital where another child living at that home is being treated for critical injuries. >> reporter: the search for those four missing kids was launched after one of their siblings a three-year-old boy was rushed here to children's hospital where he is being treated this morning. reportedly he was the victim of a near drowning. the boy was said to
. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. steve paulson is here with the forecast. pretty mild. about the same as we've had. >> there is a lot of low clouds in place. there is a very significant sea breeze out to the delta. things cool down into yesterday. we will carry those over into today. 60s and 70s and 80s. what about the warmer weather? we'll have that discussion in seven minutes. >>> right now north and southbound 880 looking pretty good if you are driving here to the coliseum or to the airport. the traffic is moving along very nicely. also this morning we are looking at interstate 80. nice clear shot here. traffic is moving well to the toll plaza. 6:01 let's go back to the tech. >> we are following developing news this morning. crews have shut off that huge water main break after an early morning break. ktvu tara moriarty is live there in the area to explain what caused the break and what charges the driver could face. tara. >> reporter: this is a really great example of why you shouldn't drink and drive. if you look over to the right you can see where this big cone is
. paul chambers joins us from headquarters with what he has learned about it, paul? >> reporter: we can take a look at some video now. police say about 5:45 there was a person shot in the 2100 block of neveen avenue. right now we do not know of a motive or if anybody is in custody in that shooting but we can tell you, where that morning shooting occurred is where the college student was shot and killed back in january when he was sitting in a parked car with his sister. we know one person was shot taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to survive. we will talk about the gun violence and we will have additional information and bring it to you. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> and a standoff, it came to an end a few hours ago. police arrested one suspect wanted for shooting at a chp patrol car after a standoff in an east oakland home. s.w.a.t. teams first surrounded them and the arrest came 12 hours later. safety was the top priority. >> safety is the most concern, safety of the personnel and safety of the residents in this area, we don't want anybody getting injured. >
of a police investigation and we have alex on the scene and he will tell us exactly what happened but if you are looking for an alternative route, chp is seen leaving the bay area for hayward and that's a great alternative. just go and use 192 instead. it is breaking news as we have been telling you from when we went on the air, traffic remains at a standstill from san francisco and oakland, there is police action that led to all of this, good morning alex. >> reporter: it is extremely slow on the lower deck of the bay bridge and this police investigation is just east of our location and these are the eastbound lanes of bay bridge. investigators out here are piecing together a chp pursuit that ended here on the bay bridge. that pursuit led to a shooting and this was all early this morning and a source we spoke to with knowledge of this investigation said the driver being pursued this morning fired at officers after the culmination of this pursuit. nobody hit by gunfire according to the chp but according to one of our sources, the driver of that car that was being chased, tossed his gun over
for somebody, who had to open fire. joining us now where an investigation is underway, lore rain? >> reporter: he had to jump out a bedroom window and firefighters are just about to leave the scene and they were able to get out all the hot spots and let's look at the call in oakland. it was quick work for firefighters and they got the flames under control within 20 minutes with no major injuries but the single story home is a total loss this morning. the chief said given the situation. >> he had enough sense to say i am going through the front and they have security. they can pretty much climb through the window. paramedics unsapped treat his foot and we are still learning the cause of the fire. >>> president barack obama will launch a tax cut and he will call on congress to pass a one year extension of tax cuts for households earning less than $250,000 a year. coming up, what they are saying is the politics behind the president's big announcement. >>> protesters developed a plot which is open by i c berkeley a long san pablo low avenue to harvest crops they planted last spring. they say the
dave clark. >> good morning, thank you for waking up with us, steve paulson has the weather forecast how is it looking steve? >>> we are starting off to near 50s and 60 degrees and once the fog heads back to the coast we get sun 70s inland and still low-to-mid 80s, here is sal. >>> here is a look at bay point, traffic is moving along well, and here in bay point, you will see some slow traffic as you drive through the antioch construction zone. it finally has been capped for a while and the gas leak was -- well they couldn't cap it and pg&e workers are on the scene. i wanted to let you know they were briefly evacuated from four homes. we just got word they have been allowed back in and resumebly they will -- resumely they will be allowed and pg&e comes on the scene. we will have a little more on this coming up soon. at 6:01 let's go back to the desk. >>> and near hercules, tara moriarty is at the gas station where the victims drove to get help, tara? >> reporter: we are learning more about the victims in this case. we understand they are both boyfriend and girlfriend and the young wom
morning news continues. ooh. >> good morning, thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, do you want to sing a foggy song? >> well you can sing, i am not going to but temperatures are cooler on the lows. temperatures will come down lots of low clouds and drizzle, coming up, we'll see if there is any warmer weather on the five-day, here is sal. >>> if you are driving from walnut creek to oakland now is a good time to do it and traffic is moving well all the way up to the tunnel. i want to show you an investigation of a fatal accident. it happens near the west barrett exit. an oakland man was riding his motorcycle when he was hit and killed. all lanes will be closed for several hours. let's go back to the desk. >>> just within the past hour, san jose police cleared the scene of the city's latest homicide. 8:30 last night police received a report of a car hitting a pedestrian on east st. john and second street. when they arrived they found a man on the ground and it turns out he had been stabbed. paramedics performed cpr and they brought him to the hospital but he dat
not -- police did not give us an update on the woman's condition and the adult son was beaten and the three would be robbers, police have not put out a description of them and they have also not said if anything was stolen from the house. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> it was a very intense scene, police took exclusive video off south king road and they were looking for a man wanted for a serious crime. the search lasted several hours but there was no sign of that wanted man. >>> happening now, an early morning raid at lakeview's elementary school where parents and teachers have been staging a sit in. here with more on how they were told to clear out. >> reporter: they are shutting down 5 elementary -- elementary schools lakeview was set foreclosure and became a focal point and this would have been the 17th day of the protest but police moved in and broke it up. protesters have simply moved their tents and sleeping equipment outside of the steps and protesters are still upset and they say their demands have not been met and they plan to continue their protest. now off to the l
lorraine blanco is joining us live from san francisco. story we first told you about at 4:30 and we know that which particular area is being targeted for this? >> dave, muni's spokesperson say they will do everything they can to make sure service runs as smoothly as possible today. right now we are at market and 14th street. you can see across the street there are several police officers gathering in that parking lot. so far we don't see any protestors out here. people are also being asked to gather at the muni stop at third anopia lee. today is the one-year anniversary of kenneth hardings death. it started when officers negligented to pay his $2 muni fair. the medical examiner found the bullet that killed harding came n. family and witnesses dispute that. at the time of his death harding was a person of interest in a deadly seat shooting. the activist group humanist workers organized today's muni protest. they are asking for protestors to shut down move knee service from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. today. now back here live you can see they there are still no protestors out here yet. just a
. >>> good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this friday morning july 6th i'm pam cook. >> and i'm mike mibach? for dave clark. the weekend is knocking on the door and steve paulson what are you dishing up for us? >> a little warmer pattern mike and pam. we do have the fog there but it will burn off. we'll have sunshine today. a little breezy not as bad as yesterday. it was rather windy at times yesterday. inland temps coming up a few degrees low to mid 80s. now an update on your traffic with sal. >> right now we are looking at highway 4 bay point. you can see traffic is moving along okay coming up to the willow pass grade. if you are in the san jose area 237 coming this from milpitas not bad. let's go back to the desk. >>> we are continuing to follow breaking news out of alameda six people all under the age of 18 are in the hospital after their car crashed in a tree. here are some live pictures from the scene which is quite active. an accident investigation team arrived there. they are trying to figure out what led up to the crash you can see the car still there at the scene. fi
alto to tell us how these thieves are getting in. >> reporter: well these thieves are brazen, they are striking in the middle of the day and police are reminding you to lock up because they are getting in through unlocked windows and cars this is in palo alto where burglars have struck over the last few months. burglars have targeted 20 homes throughout the city mostly in the northern section of town east of middle field road. police have a message, that is to lock up. sunday morning they arrested michael holden who was staying temporarily at a home in can't lynn dry -- in the area. they found the teens breaking into cars on the 1400 block of edge wood drive. they are trying to figure out if they are linked to the recent rash of burglaries. now several happened this year and police launched a look it or lose it move and they are calling for you to call in any suspicious activity and again to lock up. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> police in freemont want your help to find an elderly man deemed at risk. he is known as ted and was last seen sunday evening. his
and some people could be setting off 4th of july fireworks as well.$♪. >>> claudine wong tells us about the crime rate in oakland, claudine wong? >> reporter: that's right, a very difficult morning and you can see behind me the family of this young boy who died here yesterday, one candle is sitting at the spot where this 15-year-old boy lost his life. his family said he was simply outside with a bunch of other kids when somebody ran up and started firing. the boy was taken to the hospital about a half hour later and the gunman got away and that death was the second. we just spoke to one man who said the shooting has him worried about his little brother. >> i couldn't even sleep last night. >> reporter: just thinking about it? >> just anything it honestly i couldn't sleep, just thinking about that and thinking about other stuff and stuff that does on over here, it is just crazy. >> reporter: that shooting happened and he said another report due out in just a few weeks will not paint a better picture. >> we are just a few weeks away from ending the second period and we had a horrible few
channel 2 morning news. >> good morning and thank you for joining us, it is tuesday july 10th, i am pam cook. >> let's check weather and traffic and steve is here to tell you what to expect. >> pam made me laugh. >> i know. >> we do have fog, low clouds and temperatures, it will be warm to hot, temperatures in the 90s for some, closer to coast and bay and 60s to 70s. >>> it looks good getting up to the caldecott, no major problems and it is a nice drive, 80 westbound also looks good, let's go back to the desk. >>> we are following developing news coming in from santa rosa, a man has non-life threatening injuries, alex savage is out there with how this is not the first outbreak of gun violence near this particular bar. alex? >> reporter: it happened just a couple of months back and this morning i was able to speak with the owner briefly and he didn't want to talk on camera but he didn't respond when i asked him if he was concerned about two recent shootings in just a matter of months. police are still investigating and we are told that man's injuries are non-life threatening. the shootin
. >> complete bay area news coverage start now. >>> good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning, july 12th. i'm pam cook. let's check weather and traffic. i need you to tell steve to turn on that natural air conditioner. on its way, dave, i get the message. some people like the heat. today temperatures starting to come down for some. not for all. it will take another day to get here such as the vacaville and from around the bay, more 60s and 70s . here's sal. >>> good morning. westbound 24 looking good. we have had minor accident c leared away. the morning commute. >>> police busy. a woman's body was found at the starlight motel. this is the scene. police had been out there s tanding guard for the past three hours. again, the starlight motel is what we're looking at. police received a 9-1-1 call at 3:00 this morning. the caller said that the woman inside was unresponsive. one man said he tried but failed to resuscitate her. so far police have not made an arrest in this case. but homicide investigators are still out there looking for answers at the scene. >>> it was also
which gave us the record setting low temperature. especially out in the valley. continue to sit up here. pretty good rain. especially on the north coast as well. that is really good for july. for us it was vail l and already cool temps. 65-66. 73 low ped they are way below average on the temps. we have a lot more low clouds and few high clouds we'll show you that in a second. west, southwest 14 at travis. not much there. a lot of if san jose a it will bit will clip us here. the low is not going anywhere until friday. it's a garage wall warmup. bastille 60 east side and 70 -- but still 60s and 70s and very, very low 80s. the coolest day was yesterday. high pressure is building in. it will be warmer inrabid especially over the next couple of days. fog, sun, warmer. high clouds to the south. mainly santa clara valley and out to the east. she said i see a little difference in the cloud deck. that's what it is. 60s and 70s. pittsburgh and antioch in there. 80 morgan hill. 75 wood side. 66 half-moon bay. 67 in the city. a little bit warmer inland especially as we head toward your weekend. >>>
cook. thank you for joining us. i hear warmer. it's getting warmer? >> inland. inland. a lot of fog out there. we do have low clouds and fog. yesterday i mean it maxed itself out. there is still a pretty good push this morning. after that burns off it will be sunny and warmer for most. especially away from the coast. now to sal. >> all right, good morning, steve. 237 westbound the traffic continues to move along very nicely with no major problems. we are off to a nice start on this monday. 80 westbound getting a little more crowd as you drive from berkeley to oakland. let's go back to the desk. >>> we begin with new information on an overnight tragedy. highway patrol is looking for a hit and run driver responsible for a fatal crash in sonoma county. it happened shortly after midnight on a rural roadway in petaluma and minutes ago ktvu alex savidge learned the victim was just 16 years old. alex. >> reporter: the chp officer i talked with in just the last half hour just confirmed to me the victim in this mornings accident was a 16-year-old boy from american canyon. his name not being rele
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